Welcome to ECN TRADE!
19 January 2021

10:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

Level 13, CitiGroup

Sydney, NSW 2000


  • Any money deposited with ECN Trade will be segregated and held in Australia and invested under "Australian Client Money Rules".
  • Fast transaction during standard trading hours.
  • ZERO fees within Australian bank wire transfer.
  • If your account is inactive for one year, your account will be temporary frozen but no inactivity fee apply.
  • Due to AML / CTF laws, ECN Trade cannot accept funds from third parties. All money deposited into your account must come from a bank account in the same name as your ECN trade trading account.

    Please fill out the correct details in the deposit process, we are not liable for any delays, costs, claims, expenses & damages arising from the errors made and all charges are to be borne by you.
Max deposit AmountMin. Deposit AmountEestimate TimeDeposit Fees
Same bank in Australia
Same bank in Australia
Unlimited $1,000.0030mins to 3 hrsZero
Bank Wire Transfer from other banks in AustraliaUnlimited $1,000.001-2 working daysZero