Welcome to ECN Trade!
30 May 2024

10:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

Level 11, 20  Martin Place

Sydney, NSW 2000

Standard Account

Designed for retail traders new to the Forex market and those trading smaller volumes, the ECN Trade Standard account allows investors to trade smaller and open an account with a lower initial deposit all from the powerful MetaTrader 4 platform.

Underlying Asset of CFDs Max Leverage from 29 March 2021
Major currency pair 30:1
Major stock market index 20:1
Minor currency pair 20:1
Gold 20:1
Minor stock market index 10:1
Non-gold commodity 10:1
Crypto asset 2:1
Other Assets not listed above 5:1

*Major currency pairs include a combination of any two of the following currencies: Australian dollar; British pound; Canadian dollar; Euro; Japanese yen; Swiss franc and US dollar. Any other pairs (e.g. USD/RMB, USD/HKD) are considered minor currency pairs for the purpose of the Instrument.

*Major stock market indexes include CAC 40; GER30m; Dow30 Industrial Average; EURO STOXX 50 Index; FTSE 100; TECH100m; JPY225; SP500; ASX 200. Any other stock market indexes (e.g. Hang Seng, KOSPI) are considered minor stock market indexes for the purpose of the Instrument.

Since 29th Mar 2021 Negative Balance Protection will apply to all accounts held by retail clients! This means that you will not lose more than the money in your account when trading with us.

If your net equity drops below 50% of these margin requirements we are obliged to close out your positions until your net equity returns to above 50%.

We are not able to provide you any rewards or rebates related to depositing money with us or trading. However our free access to demo account/research/education/seminars and trading tools will remain.

Pro Account

ECN Trade Pro Account is for Wholesale and Sophisticated clients.

Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 and Mobile Trading
Trading Instruments Forex, Indices, Commodities CFDs
Leverage 1:100, 1:200
Execution Market Execution
Minimum opening deposit $2000
Minimum trade size 0.1 lot
Trade size increment 0.1
Maximum total trade size As per available balance
Margin Call / Stop out level 100% / 50%
Account currency USD, AUD
Commission No

As a wholesale client, you will not receive certain disclosures from us or benefit from certain protections which you may receive as a retail client. In particular, please note that as a wholesale client:

  • We are not required to provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement or Financial Services Guide;
  • You will forfeit your right to complain to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority; and
  • The applicable Future of Financial Advice (FoFA) requirements relating to conflicted remuneration do not apply.

However, you will continue to benefit from the Client Money Protection afforded to retail clients. For example, your money will not be used for hedging or margining purposes.

Check your eligibility for Pro account

If we are satisfied that you qualify for ECN Pro Account status you will be required to provide written acknowledgement in accordance with the Corporations Act 2001. We will provide a written statement of the outcome of our assessment, noting the reasons for our decision.

Please also note: Even if you meet these requirements, in some circumstances, we may still choose to not grant you ECN Pro Account status.