Welcome to ECN Trade!
30 May 2024

10:00 – 18:00

Monday to Friday

Level 11, 20  Martin Place

Sydney, NSW 2000


ECN Trade Pty Ltd holds and maintains an Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL) 388737. We are an online foreign exchange trading company with its head office based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in offering online Foreign Exchange (Forex, FX) trading to retail and wholesale investors. Our focus is on fostering a long and lasting relationship with our clients. We accomplish this through our team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and friendly personnel and by working tirelessly to continually upgrade our infrastructure and add enhancements to boost client’s trading experience wherever possible.
ECN Trade upholds the highest standards, business practices and is subject to strict financial requirements and reporting.

High integrity
Professionalism is the base of establishing relations with our clients. We strive to achieve and maintain an open and transparent way to communicate with our clients based on mutual respect, fairness, knowledge and integrity. Our staff all have experience, education as well as a passion for the Financial Markets along with a strong service ethic of "put the client first".
As a AFSL holder, ECN Trade abides by the standards and business practices of the regulating departments, and provides financial requirements and reporting to the regulating departments periodically and as requested. ECN Trade is a member of the Financial Ombudsman’s Scheme, and maintains a perfect record without claim or arbitration.

Security of Funds
As a valued client of ECN Trade you will have the comfort that client money aren't used to meet the trading obligations of other clients. Your funds on deposit with ECN Trade are held in a top tier Australian Bank in a separate trust account established, maintained and operated in accordance with the Australian Client Money Rules. This means that client money are protected. This is one of the factors that separates us from smaller providers and offers you financial security.